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Episode Titleyyyy-mm-dd
s5e1Run Idate, Run!2004-10-13more info
s5e2Almost To The Goal! A Thunder Roaring Big Battle2004-10-20more info
s5e3Will You Make Idate? The Never-give-up Last Spurt!2004-10-27more info
s5e4The Fight I've Always Wanted! They Clash, Sasuke Vs. Naruto!2004-11-03more info
s5e5Unseen Fission2004-11-10more info
s5e6Temptation Of The Sound2004-11-17more info
s5e7Konoha Five2004-11-24more info
s5e8One, Invincible Formation Goes Into Force2004-11-24more info
s5e9Member Dispute?! Shikamaru's Group's Critical Situation2004-12-01more info
s5e10At Full Power! Burn Chouji!2004-12-08more info
s5e11Farewell My Friend! But I Still Believe In You!2004-12-15more info
s5e12Your Opponent Is Me!2004-12-22more info
s5e13Finally It's Revealed! The Secret Of The Byakugan!2005-01-05more info
s5e14To Believe In Oneself...a Miracle When He's Cornered!2005-01-05more info
s5e15To The Rescue! To Be In Time For The Barrel!2005-01-12more info
s5e16A Blunder! A New Enemy!2005-01-19more info
s5e17Growl! Howl! The Ultimate Tag!2005-02-02more info
s5e18Everyone's Respective Fight2005-02-09more info
s5e19Fake! Shikamaru, The Man Who Bets On The Revival Of The Dead!2005-02-16more info
s5e20Konoha's Green Beast Appears!2005-02-23more info
s5e21Wild Beast Explosion! Like A Bullet Fired To Pierce!2005-03-02more info
s5e22Allies Of Konoha! The Shinobi Of The Sand!2005-03-09more info
s5e23The Strongest Battle! Gaara Vs. Kimimaro2005-03-16more info
s5e24Kimimaro And Gaara, Who Will Finish Their Battle?2005-03-30more info
s5e25Unreachable Outcry2005-03-30more info
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