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Most Popular Episodesyyyy-mm-dd
s4e6Oh No! Jiraiya's Joke And Naruto's Misfortune2004-05-12more info
s3e23An Assassin In The Moonlight!2004-03-24more info
s1e5Failure? Kakashi's Conclusion2002-10-31more info
s6e15Run, Ton-ton! I'm Depending On Your Nose!2005-07-13more info
s3e21Astonishment! Gaara's True Identity!2004-03-10more info
s3e7Byakugan Vs Kage Bunshin! I'm Going To Win!!2003-11-26more info
s6e22Deceive, Confuse, And Be Deceived. The Grand Bug Battle2005-08-31more info
s1e10The Forest Of Chakra2005-11-05more info
Top Rated Episodesyyyy-mm-dd
s7e4Run!!! Curry Of Life2005-10-26more info
s5e25Unreachable Outcry2005-03-30more info
s2e12Second Exam Completed! All Of Them Are Here, The Rookie Nine!2003-06-10more info
s7e25Encounter: The Boy Holding The Name "star"2006-03-29more info
s1e13Haku's Secret Jutsu: Demonic Ice Mirrors2002-12-26more info
s2e2Second Exam Starts! Everyone Around Us Is An Enemy!2003-04-01more info
s3e13The Man Who Calls Up A Storm!!! Sasuke's Fuzzy Eyebrow Style Combat Move!2004-01-14more info
s4e25It's A New Batch Of Missions! Rescue The Tea Country!2004-09-22more info
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