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Most Popular Episodesyyyy-mm-dd
s9e12Recovered Reality2006-12-21more info
s7e13It Stops Time2006-01-04more info
s8e15Viva, Training Group Challenge2006-07-12more info
s6e3Open Eyes! Mangekyou Sharingan's Secret!2005-04-20more info
s8e4Reunion, The Leftover Time2006-04-26more info
s4e3The Third, Forever...2004-04-21more info
s1e8Decision Sworn On Pain2002-11-21more info
s4e10Will Power! Break The Water Balloon!!!2004-06-09more info
Top Rated Episodesyyyy-mm-dd
s7e2The Creeping Dark Clouds2005-10-12more info
s9e10Each One's Way2006-12-07more info
s5e2Almost To The Goal! A Thunder Roaring Big Battle2004-10-20more info
s4e1Explosion! This Is The Naruto Ninpocho!2004-04-07more info
s1e2I Am Konohamaru2002-10-10more info
s7e9White Cursed Warrior2005-11-30more info
s9e14The Artisan Disappears - The Targeted Shukaku2007-01-11more info
s4e23The Bond Between The Hot-blooded Teacher And Pupil: When A Man Follows His Way2004-09-08more info
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